Price: $900

State: Ohio
City: Columbus
Zip code: 43220
Type: Animals

I have a (presumably) male Congo African Grey parrot. I've been fostering him for a little while, and it's time he finds a forever home. :) He's around 6 years old, does not pluck, and TALKS ALL THE TIME! Haha! His name is Buckeye, but you might be able to change it. He loves to play, but can be cage aggressive. He is much better once you get him out of his cage though. I'd prefer for him to go to a home that has experience with larger birds, especially African Greys. (Yes, he does have shredded paper in his cage. No it didn't start out like that, but he loves it! ;))
He comes with:
Large cage
Some food to get you started
A custom metal T-stand that rolls (VERY nice stand - probably worth 200-300)
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask!