State: Ohio
City: Columbus
Zip code: 43227
Type: Animals

It saddens me that I must part with my buddy; however, a family emergency/illness has made things unfair for him and I must do what is best.
He is a young adult who loves to play on his cage and hang out, watch tv and listen to music (this is his favorite past time). He will be skittish at first, momma taught him stranger danger (lol) but once he is used to you he loves to cuddle.
Yes, there is a fee and we will discuss this, if you are looking for a breeder, cage bird, or a bird under 800$ move on and do not bother contacting me. YOU will have a LOT of questions asked, YOU will need vet references and there will be requirements- you need to provide him with an AWESOME home and a rocking cage -- I will provide one HECK of friend, an outdoor cage and his favorite toys. His diet is seeds that he can throw all over the floor because his is always looking for one seed in the bowl and people food, which he will gobble up.