Price: $400

State: Ohio
City: Columbus
Zip code: 43228
Type: Animals

This is Abadox. Hes been in the family along time and has been passed down to me. Unfortunately our two dogs do not do well with the bird in our home. And its not fair to abadox. Abadox will come with a tall about 5foot cage. $100 worth of brand new toys. And a playstation and bowls on top of the cage. Price is what it is due to nice cage. Abadox is a rare breed of red white and blue speckled amazon. Very smart. Says hi, what do you want?, cracker, coconut, "i act like an eagle!" , barks like a dog, meows, mimics your laughter or coughing. And more! But will be shy around people he doesnt know yet. Abadox does not like to be held at first and can bite until he gets to know you. $900 obo. Just looking for a loving home for him.